My Birthday Girl


My dearest Lily,

Hi love. Today is your first birthday! I can't believe it. Any mom will tell you that the first year goes by too fast, but I think it goes by particularly faster with your second child. With your second babe you still relish the milestones and the sweet moments, but the time one spends with babe number two isn't undivided as it is with babe number one. And, I think that's okay. Because the wonderful thing about babe number two is that they make you realize just how darn fleeting and precious childhood really is.
How the sleepless nights won't last forever.
How nursing really isn't that long of a commitment.
How the moments of your baby sitting quietly on your lap are simply divine.
These are just a few realities that I simply didn't savour with babe number one. So thank you, my sweet girl.
Moments old...
You were a dream newborn and infant. You started sleeping through the night (12 hours straight!) at twelve weeks old and have been a terrific sleeper ever since. Before naps and bedtime you always reach for your crib. Once we say prayers and I lay you down, you roll to your side and cuddle up with your pink blanket. And your thumb too. You're still a thumb sucker! You've always been so mellow and easy going, yet are not afraid to make yourself heard. The only rough patch we've had in your first year has been teething! Oh that was rough. But now you are the proud owner of 8 teeth! And boy do you have one heck of a smile.

Oh! that smile...
You are a little peanut, but determined to try things on your own. You aren't walking yet, but love to pull yourself up and cruise along your crib. You're not a risky girl and if you're feeling unsteady on your feet you will ever-so-carefully plump yourself back on your bum to avoid falling. You are still quite fond of crawling and can get to where you need to go fast. It still amazes me how you can get from one side of the room to another in a blink! Whether it's crawling or standing, I simply love seeing you be so proud of yourself when you're on the move. It makes me feel pretty proud too.

When will you walk?
You can say a handful of words {mama, dada, papa, baba, boo} and even signed your very first word, "hat"! You've also signed "please"and "all done", but won't always do them on command. That's okay though! You love watching the Baby Signing Time DVDs, they're your favorite. I can't wait to see what else you learn to say and sign in the year to come. In addition to learning new words, you're also trying new foods. Gone are the days of baby food. You want real food and you want in on your  tray as soon as you're seated! Some of your favorite things to eat are bananas, mashed potatoes, noodles, peas and cut up pieces of meat. You even tried egg salad for the first time last week and loved it! Mommy loves this, because mommy loves egg salad too. You won't eat everything {like a certain older brother we know}, but overall you're a pretty easy going eater. You'll always try new things and that makes your mama very happy.

I had some pretty special party plans for celebrating YOU today Lilybug, but unfortunately the got postponed. Our family came down with the flu this week and for the last day or so we've been in recovery mode. Your "ladybugs and lilies" party has been rescheduled for next week and I think this might have been a blessing in disguise since now some family members that weren't able to come today can now come next week. Hooray! Even though there wasn't a party today, you were still very much celebrated. Mommy made you pancakes {which you of course loved!} and brother sang "Happy Birthday to you". For lunch we felt well enough to venture out to Slaters 50/50 and it was deelish. We then stopped by Ama and Papa's house to open a couple gifts and eat a cupcake! After that we can home and all took a much needed nap. Upon wakening we hopped in the car and drove over to Nenie and Pappy's house where you received more gifts and another cupcake. What a lucky girl you are, lovebug.

I had to put you in a frilly dress, even for just a minute!

Oh boy! Cupcake number 2.

You loved it!
My sweet girl, I love you more than you can imagine. You have been a joy and a delight to care for these last 365 days; even with teething and the flu! Your daddy and I were saying tonight that you have been the most wonderful addition to our family. It still amazes us that God always intended you for us. Even when we were uncertain of our future, He was certain of yours. And ours too for that matter. My prayer for you little one is that you always stay on the path that the Lord has laid out before you. His word will always be a light unto your feet and a light unto your path {Psalms 119:105}. And your daddy and I promise to do our best to help keep you on that path. To guide you and mentor you, to love you unconditionally. I know there are wonderful things in store for you, Lilybug. And I'm so thankful that I've got the front row seats reserved. With camera in hand and pom-poms waving.

Happy First Birthday, love.

All my love forever,

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